As many of you know, Merunas has decided to take a back seat to this project for personal reasons and has selected myself Threefity, (Product Designer), BluntCrypto,(Network Solutions Architect), and Yelder,(Developer) to pave that way in his absence.

To help push the project forward a multisig wallet has been set up through gnosis-safe, and has been funded by Merunas. This allows us to hire any necessary marketing or engineering resources needed to continue building out the project.

We are determined to work with the community to build the best future possible for YELD and the token holders. We aim to be 100% community-oriented. …

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Over the past few weeks, we have kept our ears to the ground and continued to listen to our community. We have had some great conversations and many great proposals. As we continue to progress YELD further we have some exciting news to share with everyone.

Currently, our emission rates are set to 50 YELD per day per $1,000,000 staked within the platform. These vaults currently have an annual yield of around 20–40%, which isn’t the best, we feel ya. So let’s do something about it then. …

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Over the next few days, we will be implementing the following updates to the YELD platform. These changes should be released this week. We will let the community know as soon as the updates are live.

  • We have been hearing that the 5 YELD required to participate in the retirement fund is too high, and we agree. We will remove the need to hold the 5 YELD to participate. Although, this will remain to be a requirement for participating in the stablecoin vaults.
  • As we are out of beta, we will be removing the unnecessary warning modal that is presented upon entering the application. …

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Hello all,

Just a quick update here. We’re moving to a new Telegram channel. Why you ask, well… that’s because we currently do not have administrative access to the main YELD Discussion group. This group was created by another individual who we have not been able to obtain access from, so, we decided to move to a brand new home and we invite you all to our new house warming party!

Our new address is

Come on in, kick off your shoes, and have a good time!

There will be no changes to our Discord or other channels at this time.

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Yeld Finance

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