Its been a roller coaster month in the time since the project handover, from the original developer Merunas, to the current three admins who where all early investors in YELD, and just community members like most. Making YELD a community run project since the handover, where members funds security and community proposals our highest priorities.

Over the next week, we will be emptying the current stable coin vaults, and preparing for our upgraded versions of these vaults. All current farmers should contact us in Discord or Telegram if they have any difficulty in un-staking, we have also released a form

As many of you know, Merunas has decided to take a back seat to this project for personal reasons and has selected myself Threefity, (Product Designer), BluntCrypto,(Network Solutions Architect), and Yelder,(Developer) to pave that way in his absence.

To help push the project forward a multisig wallet has been set up through gnosis-safe, and has been funded by Merunas. This allows us to hire any necessary marketing or engineering resources needed to continue building out the project.

We are determined to work with the community to build the best future possible for YELD and the token holders. We aim to…

We have been asked by many people after the most recent changes to outline exactly what YELD is and how it works. So, we will do just that.

What is YELD?
YELD is a deflationary decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built on Ethereum. The YELD platform allows users to earn by staking their stablecoins in our smart contract vaults and earn YELD tokens in return.

Total Supply: 60,000 YELD
Circulating Supply: ~56,000 YELD
Burned Tokens: ~4,000 YELD

But it’s not just that. We have a few more features that will be outlined below.

  • Retirement Fund: YELD holders have the ability to…

Welcome to the YELD 2021 roadmap. Here you’ll discover all of the things we’re working on and our goals to make the YELD protocol a game-changing and improved DeFi solution for all crypto enthusiasts.

Announcing our active CertiK Audit
We’ve worked hard at improving the stablecoin staking contracts by fixing all existing bugs to provide enhanced security measures, fee adjustments that contribute to a more sustainable ecosystem as we continue developing for years to come.

This new audit by Certik is as close as we can get to the ultimate seal of approval for anyone concerned about the security of…

We are pleased to announce that we are now out of BETA and are confident in our platforms security and our V4 contracts. We have built a stronger and more effective stablecoin staking platform with some of the highest yields in the DeFi space on average.

Out with the old, in with the new

For the past few months, we have been working on the right solutions for YELD and where we see ourselves. …

Hello YELDers

We have updated our contracts and made some tweaks to the UI and we feel comfortable that everything is working perfectly. We have decided to open our doors to everyone a bit early, so come on in and earn some YELD from your stablecoins!

What has changed in V4

We are excited to bring you our new v4 contracts have a few changes that will ultimately benefit the platform an our community.

  • All vault contracts have been updated to block any external contracts attempting to interact with our contract. This blocks all bots and the potential for…

Hello all,

We are back at it and our private beta is now under way. We have invited over 20 people to assit in battle testing the contracts and the interface. We plan keep the beta testing private until we feel comfortable that all potential issues have been addressed and that it’s secure.

This is an exciting time for our community and the YELD team as a whole to get back up and running providing one of the best DeFi solutions in the ecosystem.

If you would like to help please feel free to reach out over Telegram or Discord and we will see if there are any open spots.



Telegram (Announcements):

A message from the team

As many of you know, it has been a rough few months for our community and for the team as a whole. After experiencing a series of unfortunate issues, attacks, and setbacks and we’re finally ready to announce our V4 contracts.

We also want to say thank you to our community for sticking with us and providing their input towards the future of YELD. You’re all amazing and we are excited for what’s to come.

What has changed in V4

We are excited to bring you our new v4 contracts have a few changes that…

Currently we are still running our APY Promo for Stable Coin Farming & YieldFarm

Coming updates:

As we are working in a test environment, which we’ve had to create to work safely and securely on the YELD product, we have come to realize that more testing will be required before we implement upcoming changes, as there are a few to be done, and we don’t want any mistakes, so for that reason and as not to interfere with people staking during the APY promo, we will implement the 50 YELD hold for stablecoin farming and remove the YELD hold for YELD stakers after the current APY promo ends.

Over the past few weeks, we have kept our ears to the ground and continued to listen to our community. We have had some great conversations and many great proposals. As we continue to progress YELD further we have some exciting news to share with everyone.

Currently, our emission rates are set to 50 YELD per day per $1,000,000 staked within the platform. These vaults currently have an annual yield of around 20–40%, which isn’t the best, we feel ya. So let’s do something about it then. …

Yeld Finance

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