An Introduction to YELD

We have been asked by many people after the most recent changes to outline exactly what YELD is and how it works. So, we will do just that.

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What is YELD?
YELD is a deflationary decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built on Ethereum. The YELD platform allows users to earn by staking their stablecoins in our smart contract vaults and earn YELD tokens in return.

Total Supply: 60,000 YELD
Circulating Supply: ~56,000 YELD
Burned Tokens: ~4,000 YELD

But it’s not just that. We have a few more features that will be outlined below.

  • Retirement Fund: YELD holders have the ability to stake their tokens in our retirement fund and earn ETH. We have recently made updates with our V4 release to enhance this feature. Now, instead of collecting your earned ETH daily, this will accumulate over time without the need to unstake unnecessarily. At this time the quantity of ETH you earn is based on your contribution of YELD to the overall pool and how much ETH has been collected in fees from others unstaking from the vaults. This is different from most other projects in the DeFi space which don’t reward users for holding their tokens.
  • Constant Supply Reduction: Through our automated mechanism of re-buying and burning of tokens, YELD tokens will keep on reducing their total supply until we have reached 10,000 YELD tokens in circulation.
  • Yield Farming Optimizer: Our Staking Mechanism will constantly monitor the current farming tokens and will optimize for the highest possible performance. Imagine you have been generating a 17% APY on Aave but after the 5th day, the rewards have dropped. Our internal algorithm will look at the end of the day for better performance coins in platforms like dYdX, Aave, Uniswap, Compound, and Also, users will be rewarded YELD tokens based on the yield they generate from staking their stablecoins.

Our 2021 Roadmap

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