An open letter to the YELD community

As many of you know, Merunas has decided to take a back seat to this project for personal reasons and has selected myself Threefity, (Product Designer), BluntCrypto,(Network Solutions Architect), and Yelder,(Developer) to pave that way in his absence.

To help push the project forward a multisig wallet has been set up through gnosis-safe, and has been funded by Merunas. This allows us to hire any necessary marketing or engineering resources needed to continue building out the project.

We are determined to work with the community to build the best future possible for YELD and the token holders. We aim to be 100% community-oriented. All proposals will go through Snapshot so that our community can submit proposals and vote on improvements.

As for the dApp, itโ€™s running smoothly and working as intended. There have been no issues since the relaunch. We understand that updates to the current tokenomics and staking mechanics are required. We are working towards the appropriate solution and appreciate the proposals laid out from our community members.

In order to improve our communications moving forward, we will continue to support our Discord and will be creating new Telagram channels as the old ones are not in our control. We will assess the need for additional channels in the future. We have moved our official Telegram Announcements channel to

We know that the past few weeks have been rough for us all, but rest assured we are working to build a better future for YELD.

If you have any further questions or ideas, please feel free to reach out to us on Discord or throw any proposals that you have on the Snapshop page.

Moving Forward:

  • 100% Community Driven
  • Updates to the Retirement Fund Yield
  • Updates to the Vault Staking Mechanics
  • Increased Marketing / Advertising Spend
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Telegram (Announcements):

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