Increased Earnings Event

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Over the past few weeks, we have kept our ears to the ground and continued to listen to our community. We have had some great conversations and many great proposals. As we continue to progress YELD further we have some exciting news to share with everyone.

Currently, our emission rates are set to 50 YELD per day per $1,000,000 staked within the platform. These vaults currently have an annual yield of around 20–40%, which isn’t the best, we feel ya. So let’s do something about it then. To do so, we have decided to increase the daily emissions rate by 300% to 150 YELD per day for the next two weeks.

Today we are flipping the switch and boosting the returns until the cutoff on Sunday, December 6th.

Further updates to come at a later date, stay tuned! Thank you!

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