YELD 2021 Roadmap

Welcome to the YELD 2021 roadmap. Here you’ll discover all of the things we’re working on and our goals to make the YELD protocol a game-changing and improved DeFi solution for all crypto enthusiasts.

Announcing our active CertiK Audit
We’ve worked hard at improving the stablecoin staking contracts by fixing all existing bugs to provide enhanced security measures, fee adjustments that contribute to a more sustainable ecosystem as we continue developing for years to come.

This new audit by Certik is as close as we can get to the ultimate seal of approval for anyone concerned about the security of our smart contracts. They are one of the most reputable companies for conducting audits and we felt that our users deserve the best. They will be combing through the code line by line looking to find any bugs by attacking the contracts with efficient methodologies.

Upgradeable Retirement Fund Contract
We’ve created an improved version of the retirement fund contract. This contract works the same as the previous version with the main benefit being the fact that your ETH earnings accumulate over time so you don’t have to waste gas unstaking unnecessarily, and can receive your rewards once they have accumulated to your liking.

This contract is also upgradeable, which allows us to add new functionality without requiring users to move their stake manually.

Another key improvement is the fact that users will be able to choose how long they want to lock their Yeld tokens. The longer they lock them, the larger percentage they earn from the fund.

Development of our Loan dApp and Crypto Score System
We’re working on creating an improved loan dApp that allows users to borrow funds with collateral. The key feature for this loan system is that every address (user) will have what we call a “Crypto Score” which a number that indicates how much extra collateral a user can use.

The larger your “Crypto Score”, the more funds available to borrow with less collateral. If you want to take out a loan without collateral, in a fully decentralized manner. Also, no waiting on external users to approve your loan, the “Crypto Score” does this automatically.

Develop limited-edition YELD NFTs
Non-fungible tokens have been a key aspect in many crypto projects and we feel we can contribute to the community with our own limited-edition NFTs.

These NFTs will be infused with YELD tokens, which means they will have YELD locked inside each NFT to increase their value and utility.

This allows users to stake NFTs as if they staked YELD in the retirement fund contract, giving users some additional ETH over time!

Updated Branding, Website, and dApp Designs
With our new and increased focus in 2021 a new, more professional brand is in order. To accomplish this we will be rebranding the website, logo, and staking dApp to a more professional design.

Most of our users are fine with the current design but we felt that we needed to pick it up a notch and strive to improve as much as possible, in every category. These updates will bring a more user-friendly, professional, and elegant experience to YELD.

Fun times ahead!
These are our goals for this year 2021. Most of these goals are actively being worked on at this time and will all be released this year. We will need more time to audit every contract to test the functionality and fine-tune the tokenomics allowing our users the best possibility for healthy returns.

We’re building every day to reach those goals and will continue delivering great dApps to accelerate the transition from banks to crypto faster. Now that we have more developers and designers working we will be able to deliver faster.

Feel free to join our email list at the bottom of our website, follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram to receive all of our announcements before the rest.

Stay around to see YELD grow and become a stronger DeFi contender for this exciting year!




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